Release Your Stress





    Don’t ignore those first signs of stress!

    Don’t let it grow out of control!

    Don’t let stress control your life!



Stress is a huge factor in today’s society. It comes from all directions. The outcome is that you find yourself losing your temper at the drop of a hat, and often for no good reason. You go about your day grumpy, complaining, and blaming, then feel bad about it, adding guilt to the mix.

What has happened is that you have reached the Stress Threshold, and just about anything and everything tips you over the edge.

Normally, your Stress Threshold is way up high, like the bar of a pole vaulter, but gradually, through overwork, lack of sleep, too many bills, family demands, and constant fatigue, your stress levels have crept up to the level of that once high bar.

Now, there is no buffer zone to allow you to recover, and so you stay in a state of stress, causing even more problems, and the cycle goes on and on until you do something about it.

Release Your Stress offers four choices to help you reconnect with your happy, calm and peaceful self.

  • Weekly Guided Meditation Sessions that relaxes your mind, boosts your brain power, clarity and creativity, with long term benefits of greater emotional control
  • Weekly Stretch & Relaxation Classes to relax the mind and body, release muscle tension, improve flexibility, and increase energy
  • Individual Shiatsu Neck & Shoulders Massage to release the stubborn tightness stored in your muscles from stress and anxiety
  • Law of Attraction Personal Growth Coaching to tackle deep routed causes of emotional stress

    All these options work hand in hand with each other to give you the tools to keep you far away from that Stress Threshold.


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